Facts On Tenrec
Streaked Tenrec

The Common Tenrec, Tenrec ecaudatus

A Tenrec is a small mammal that lives on small islands as Madagascar, Mauritius, Réunion and Comoros. They only live on these islands and nowhere else on the planet.

Their natural habitat consist out of subtropical or dry forests, lowlands, moist mountains and savanna. Like you see they can survive and adapt themselves to different kinds of landscapes.

The Common Tenrec is just one of the 30 and more species of Tenrecs, but it's the biggest one. It can reach a length of 27 to 40 cm and weigh around 1.5 and 2.5kg. It has long spines and a gray to read fur, even yellow depending from which specie.

His diet mainly consist out of small insects and insect larvae, but they also do hunt for frogs and mices and if he is threatened then he could scream, really loud erect his spines and bite you.

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