World's Biggest And Tallest Horse: Nodyy

Luscombe Nordram, a giant shire horse that lives in Australia has manged to be the world's biggest horse with a height of 20.1 hands (2.057m), according to the Guinness World Book Of Records.

He weighs around 1.3 tonnes and keeps growing! He will certainly beat his own record in a few years because shire horses keep growing until they reach the age of 6 or 7, but there is competition from another shire horse in Texas who measures 20 hands. Hopefully he won't pass Nordrams height, but for now on he's still the biggest horse on the planet.

Horse trainer Jane Greenman has hand-reared Nordram from the age of 6 months, but then she hadn't any idea
that Nordram would become so big. He eats for six and when he gallops, the ground trembles, just like a real earthquake! Jane Greenman has considered to sell the horse because of the huge amounts of food he consumes every day, but she loves the horse so much.

Therefore he is being trained to transport heavy loads, but the problem is that nobody no one wants to enlist such a big horse, due to his size.

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