World's Biggest Snake
A small Reticulated Python

The World's biggest snake specie is the Reticulated Python, a non-venomous snake specie that can be found in Southeast Asia. They are not considered as a real threat for humans, but some big specimens are powerful enough to kill an adult.

Normally they don't become bigger then 10 meters, but there are some exceptions and these exceptions are the world's biggest snakes. They weigh over 400 kg and can eat prays that are 1/4 of their own length, but their food mainly exists out of little mammals and occasionally pigs or even monkeys.

The longest and biggest snake that was ever captured was a Reticulated Python in Indonesia. He had a length of 14.85 meters and there were needed like 65 men to catch this enormous snake that weighted 447kg. After this they needed to give him like 4 dogs a month to keep him healthy.

However it isn't yet, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, but once there is given sufficient and reliable proof about this enormous snake, then they will replace the old record (Reticulated Python 9.75m) with the new one that has a length of 14.85 meters.

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