World's Smallest Girl Jyoti Amge Of Nagpur

The world's smallest girl isn't taller then an average two year old kid. She lives in India in a town called Nagpur and her name is Jyoti Amge.

Jyoti Amge is so small because of a form of dwarfism called "Achondroplasia" and because of this she won't get any taller then she is right now. She is a very happy girl she said and loves to get all the attention from people who are amazed about her size. However being small is hard, because all kinds of things need to be made to fit her tiny size. She has her own made bed, chair, jewelry, clothes and so on.

She is different, but only in size because she shares the same interest likes any other teenager of her age like listening to music, watching DVDs and movies.

In her town she is a real celebrity and sometimes they even treat her like a real goddess. She is happy, enjoys to go to school and study new things every day.

A girl with a dream, she wants to become a Bollywood actress later she said and who knows maybe she will ever make it as one of the tinniest actresses and all of that because of her tiny size.

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