World's Smallest Mammal

The World's smallest mammal is the bumblebee bat, Craseonycteris thonglongyai

This little mammal is named after the bumblebee because it's such a small animal that only weighs as much as a dime with a skull size of about 11 mm. What isn't so big, even for a small mammal like this one.

This little bat lives in caves of limestone hills and is mostly active at dusk. Once it's dusk they go hunting for little insects that they find in the forest. They are solitary mammals that live in groups, but rather prefer to hang alone.

Sadly it's a very rare animal that is small in size as in number, the bumblebee bat was discovered in 1974 in the region of Karmhanaburi Province in Western Thailand.

This bat is now an endangered specie because of the deforestation that is destroying their habitat. Once there was been made a count of the population by the Royal Forest Department of the Thailand Government and they only counted like 160 specimens in 3 different caves. With this low amount of bumblebee bats it makes it one of the twelve most endangered species on the planet.

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