World's Tallest Dog Gibson

The worlds tallest dog is a Great White Dane named Gibson, he is a very big dog with a height of 1.04m. He weighs 170 pounds and he has a wonderful owner named Sandy Hall who takes much care of him. He is also a very friendly dog that doesn't jumps on you when he gets exited, almost like a puppy, but a lot bigger.

He isn't only the record holder of one title as "World's Tallest Dog", but he also has two other titles as "Tallest Great Dane" and "Tallest Therapy Dog". To feed this enormous dog, you need to have a lot of food because a 170 pounds dog is just like my car and fuel. Therefore he needs a job to finance all the food that he consumes.

Finding a job was easy, with his 3 titles he became a famous "dog star" and until now he has showed up in various TV shows and magazines with famous stars as Paris Hilton, Oprah Winfrey and many more.

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